Refrigeration Panel Forming Machine

Product Description


  • The structure: this machine adopts welded steel plate, after heat treatment; eliminate the stress, a durable.
  • Products: freezer board ( insulation board)
  • Local features:
    1. NC control, easy to operate.
    2. The machine can produce 5 kinds 9f cold storage board (insulation board)
    3. The length of finished products, molding speed can be adjusted.
    4. Front section function: leveling, cuffing, cutting.
    5. After paragraph function: forming, folding, cutting.
    6. Applicable materials: cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate, Galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate.

Product Specification
Machine Mold AP-1200H
Thickness 0.5-0.6mm
Forming Speed 12M / min.
Forming Section 5
No. of Leveling Roller 8
Section of Bending an Angle 6
Forward Power 3HP
Backward Power 5HP
Volume L×W×H 8.0×2.2×1.6 M