Concertina Razor Barbed Tape Profiling Machine

Product Description
Concertina razor barbed tape profiling machine runs continuously with high speed up to 80 meters per minute. A complete production line includes blade punching machine, profiling machine and packing equipment.

Product Feature
Concertina razor barbed tape profiling machine enable continuous profiling without clipping as well as auto counter for required loop numbers. We also supply equipment as a complete producing line in including razor blade punching station concertina razor blade profiling machine razor tape decoiler, and packing equipment

Product Specification
  •  Max. Output: 70-80 M/min.
  •  Profiling Dia.: 450, 500, 960 & 120mm.
  •  Able to make various types of BTO & CBT Razor blades.
  •  High efficiency blade punching press & packing machine Available.
  •  Kraft paper packing machine available