Roof Roll Forming Machine, Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Product Description
  • Body Structure: The body is welded by steel plate. After heat treatment, the stress is eliminated and the machine frame is firm and durable.
  • Products: all kinds of corrugated board.
  • Local Features:
    1. Digital control, easy to operate.
    2. This machine can produce all kinds of metal wave board.
    3. The length of finished product and the molding speed can be adjusted automatically.
    4. Applicable materials: cold rolled plate, galvanized sheet, and stainless steel plate.

Product Specification


Thickness 0.3-0.7 mm
Forming Speed 4-8 M
Axle Center ø75 mm
Forming Section 20-30
Main Motor 15-30HP
Volume 9-12×1.4-1.8 M
Uncoiler 8 tons