Spiral Tube Forming Machine

Product Description
  • Body structure: The body is welded by steel plate. After heat treatment, the stress is eliminated and the machine frame is firm and durable.
  • Product can be bent stainless steel spiral tube.
  • Local Features:
    1. Digital control, easy to operate.
    2. Circular saw cutting, tidy and beautiful.
    3. The material rack and the machine stand are linked together to adjust the production size, the caliber and the replacement speed.
    4. Forming wheel is made of alloy tool steel, which is wearable and can be used for long time supervision.
    5. Applicable material: stainless steel plate.


Product Specification
Machine AP-2008H AP-2009H
Sheet Thickness 0.08-0.1 mm 0.08-0.1 mm
Sheet Width 45 mm 80 mm
Pipe Diameter 2"-5" 5.5"-12.0"
Speed 15 M / min 10 M / min
Main Motor 4.5 HP 4.5 HP
Weight 1,000kgs 1,200kgs
Volume 2.9×4.4×1.9 M 4.0×4.4×1.9 M