CNC Steel Sheet Leveling & Shearing Machine

Product Description

Thanks for the most advanced Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) plus AC servo drive technology together with fully automatic hydraulic controlled uncoiler that ensure our CNC cut to length machine to achieve you tough cutting job for sheet steel metals with fast speed, greater accuracy improved efficiency, easy operation, and reducing manpower.

  • Greater Cutting Accuracy
  • Improved Reliability
  • Planned Production
  • Flexible Processing Alternatives

Product Feature
  • High speed computerized numerical control (CNC) and AC servo drive system for better positioning / cutting accuracy and reliability.
  • High resolution graphic monitor for plant floor man machine interface (MIMI) message handling and display.
  • Programmable function keys for specific tasks.
  • Cutting function could be selected in either auto or manual mode, in auto mode the system could make single step or continual operation.
  • Key-In could be mode for setting: cutting length, quantity, job no., and parameter adjustment...via NEMA type front panel.
  • Dedicated screen / menu could be selected by the operator named as: job no., cutting length, quantity, Parameters for setting operational parameters.

Product Specification
Model Steel Sheet 
Thickness (mm)
Steel Sheet
Width (mm)
Coil Weight 
(Ton Max.)
Space Required 
( M³ )
Leveling Speed 
YC-S420 0.2~2.0 600~1230 600~2440 15 5x2x21 40 m/min 85
YC-S432 0.4~3.2 600~1230 600~3000 15 5x2x21 36 m/min 90
YC-S460 2.0~6.0 600~1230 600~3000 15 5x2x26 34 m/min 100
YC-S520 0.2~2.0 600~1560 600~3000 25 5x2x21 36 m/min 95
YC-S532 0.4~3.2 600~1560 600~3000 25 6x2x21 35 m/min 110
YC-S560 2.0~6.0 600~1560 600~3000 25 6x2x32 30 m/min 150