Expanded Metal Machine

Product Description
Wide Range in used and Design as Walkway, Stairway and Platform In Factory Marine Vessel, Quarry Mine and Building, Military Deference, Space Protection etc. They could be in Used as Gutter Screen, Sidewalk and Fence in Civil Engineering Machineries & Cranes.

Product Feature
1. Light in Weight, Allow Good Passage of Light & Air. 
2. Exceptional Anti-Skid & Artistic.
3. Easy to Install Sturdy & Artistic.
4. Economical Cost.

Product Specification

Model XG Grating Type
Material Mild Steel / G. I. / Stainless Steel 

Thickness 4.5mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm
Mesh opening Size SW 34mm x LW 135.4mm (XG 11-14)
SW 36mm x LW 101.6mm (XG 21-24)
1. Mesh opening of XG11-14 is in Hexagonal shape. 
2. Mesh opening of XG21-24 is in Rhombic shape. 
Strand Width Standard
 Standard Product Size 1. 4' x 8' (1,220mm x 2,400mm ).
2. 5' x 10' (1,525mm x 3,050mm).
3. Customize.